We Measure Twice and Cut Once

We Measure Twice and Cut Once

Every tradesperson knows the age-old saying that you should “measure twice, cut once”, yet we often come across clients whose previous contractors didn’t stick to this motto. It might only be little things here and there, such as a thin gap or a rough edge, but to us these stick out like a sore thumb.

We believe that absolute attention to detail is crucial, as you’re paying for a professional and should therefore receive the best quality of work across the board. Needless to say, Intertech Contracts provides a wide range of services to property developers, landlords and commercial clients across the UK, with everything we do delivered to an exceptionally high standard.


Dry lining means flawless walls

If your walls have seen better days due to dints, scratches and other damage, the first thing you may think about is plastering. This involves applying wet plaster across each wall and leaving it to dry, which is a very time-consuming process. In fact, newly skimmed plaster needs leaving for days or sometimes even weeks before being painted, otherwise the paint is likely to crack.

Dry lining is much faster and more effective. It involves us attaching plasterboard to your walls ready for decorating. As you may have guessed, we measure the area (twice) before cutting and shaping the boards so that they perfectly fit their surroundings. When you choose dry lining, you benefit from a much lower chance of cracks developing over time as well, ensuring a sleek and attractive finish.


Tape and jointing for seamless surfaces

If you decide that dry lining is the right option for you, we complete the job with outstanding tape and jointing. This guarantees the perfect finish, as all seams between the sheets of plasterboard are smoothed down to perfection. The result is an even surface from wall to wall and floor to ceiling.


Professional painting and decorating

Now comes the really exciting part, as we can transform your residential property or workplace to match your vision. Maybe you’re looking for striking white walls that maximise natural light and make the property feel more spacious, or perhaps you’d like to go the other way and have deep shades that offer warmth and texture.

Chances are it will be a combination of paint colours and wallpaper styles, which our specialists will apply with absolute precision. The outcome is each room looking spot on first time, all thanks to us measuring twice and properly planning everything prior to commencing work.


Skilful joinery services

Sometimes when a property is being improved through dry lining, painting and decorating there will also be the opportunity to upgrade and enhance internal features. It could be floorboards, staircases, doors or wooden fittings that require new life breathing into them. Ask us about our joinery service and you’ll discover that we can provide you with industry-leading solutions.


Transform your surroundings

Whatever you need when it comes to painting and decorating, dry lining and joinery, get in touch with Intertech Contracts on 01482 222498 or email [email protected].

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