Enhance your business premises with a full commercial fit-out

Enhance your business premises with a full commercial fit-out

Office design has a significant impact on a company’s success. Your office sets the tone for your company's culture and client impressions. A full fit-out by a commercial decorating contractor can give your business the impact you want.

A physical working environment contributes to staff motivation and productivity, talent acquisition, customer relationships, and so much more. Therefore, your space must look its best and properly represent your business.

Is an office fit-out the same as a renovation?

An office fit-out is the transformation of an empty space into a full office, complete with all the elements required to be functional. An office renovation, on the other hand, is adapting or updating a space already in use to fit the changing needs of your business. 

A full commercial fit-out by a commercial decorating contractor includes everything your business needs to support your staff and impress your customers. 

Why would you need an office fit-out?

If you find that your current space no longer fulfils your requirements, you may decide to relocate your business. You may move to new premises to change work style, downsize or increase capacity, or move on from an outdated space. 

If you move to a new empty premises, an office fit-out is needed for the space to be usable. This is a big change that gives you complete design control and a fresh start.

Change in work style or company culture

Following the Covid-19 lockdowns, the way we work has shifted. Many businesses still operate with either remote or hybrid models. In 2023, it was reported that 44% of people in the UK work from home at least some of the time, compared to 27% in 2019

A new premises could be the answer if you want to move away from remote work. Commercial decorating contractors can help you create the ideal office space to bring people back to in-person work.

Business growth or downsizing 

If your company has significantly grown or even downsized, your office space may not be suitable anymore. You may need to move to a smaller or larger empty space, which requires an office fit-out. 

A commercial decorating contractor optimises an empty space to become a functional workspace fit for the current size of your team. This ensures the most efficient work environment. 

Outdated or inefficient work environment 

An outdated office that doesn’t have a modern, efficient design can be demotivating; the work environment considerably impacts staff productivity and well-being. If your space feels behind the times or isn't fostering optimal work, it might be time to find new premises and start again from scratch.

What should you consider when you have an office fit-out?

When making a drastic change to your business, you should consider how your new office will impact other areas of your business. 

Brand representation, productivity and overall use of space have a great impact on your company as a whole. So, these factors should be at the forefront of your mind when beginning your office fit-out.

Brand representation:

A well-designed office is a physical representation of your business, so make the most of it. You have the control to design a space that perfectly encapsulates your brand.

Elements of your business, such as values and commitments, can be represented. For example, if your business is passionate about sustainability, you could include environmentally friendly features in your office. This reinforces your business’s message and strengthens its image.

Elements of your branding can also be incorporated. Your logo and company colours can be used in your office design. This reinforces your brand identity to both customers and employees. This can help make your brand more memorable and promote a sense of belonging within your staff. 

Enhanced productivity:

Your office can play a huge role in enhancing staff productivity. Everything from lighting to collaborative spacing can have an impact. Commercial decorating contractors know how to get the best out of your space to improve productivity in your workspace.

Natural lighting enhances mood and reduces eye strain. This, in turn, leads to workers feeling refreshed, motivated and ready to work. Open-plan spaces and comfortable group breakout spaces foster collaboration, encouraging interaction, brainstorming and innovation.

Optimise Space:

Optimising a workspace is the process of improving the way you are using your available space. Commercial decorating contractors can help you achieve this.

An optimised workspace can have numerous benefits, including cost savings, greater productivity, better communication and improved employee experience. Prioritising employee comfort in workspace optimisation can lead to higher levers of employee retention and talent acquisition. People want to work in offices that are optimised for comfort.

Office interior

Why choose a commercial decorating contractor? 

Intertech Contracts are commercial decorating contractors that provide various top-quality services required for a full commercial fit-out. 

Painting and decorating:

Our skilled painters and decorators in Hull work nationwide. Our professional decorators can advise you on practical and aesthetic decisions to transform your space and ensure the best outcome for your office. 

Choosing a commercial decorating contractor for your painting and decorating projects guarantees that jobs of any scale are completed quickly and of the highest quality. 

Tape and jointing:

Ensure all walls and ceilings in your new office have a smooth and perfect finish with tape and jointing services.

Tape and jointing involves covering the joints between drywall panels with joint compound and embedding paper or mesh tape. This prevents cracks, strengthens joints and creates a seamless finish between panels.

At Intertech Contracts, we have a specialist team with the skills to provide quick and efficient tape and jointing results.

Dry lining: 

Dry lining is a quick and cost-effective method to bring a smooth and professional finish to the interior of your office.

Drywall can have paint applied directly to it. So, by choosing dry lining, you eliminate the need to wait for the plaster to dry, allowing your office to be ready sooner than you would expect.

Commercial Joiners: 

Professional joiners create customised fittings for stairs, window frames, doors and more to suit your property. Skilled joiners can craft structures that enhance both appearance and value.

Joinery is a long-lasting investment that can also improve the energy efficiency of your business. Bespoke windows and doors are designed to keep your property well-insulated, reducing energy costs and improving the overall comfort of your office.

Fire Door Safety: 

A productive workspace is one where staff feel safe. Complete your office and protect your staff and premises with proper fire door installation and inspections.

Intertech Contracts is a leading installer of fire doors. We have over 30 years of experience and provide fire door installation across the UK. We are accredited by the BM TRADA Q-Mark fire door installation scheme, so you can be sure your business is in safe hands.

Experienced painters and decorators in Hull

Commercial decorating contractors understand your office space's impact on staff satisfaction and productivity, customer impressions and talent acquisition. Therefore, you can guarantee a perfect finish by choosing a professional to complete your office fit-out.

Intertech Contacts are commercial painters and decorators in Hull who provide various services, including dry lining, all over the UK. Our joiners and decorators have over 30 years of experience providing first-class workmanship. 

If you are ready to begin your project, get in touch with our friendly team today to discuss requirements and receive an itemised quote.

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