Case study: Create a contemporary office with Intertech Contracts

Case study: Create a contemporary office with Intertech Contracts

A modern office has many business benefits, including providing an effective and motivating workspace. Open-plan offices allow employees to collaborate and develop new creative ideas. Our client wanted to develop a contemporary and open office space for their staff to thrive. 

Intertech Contracts recently completed this office project in Scotland. We provided tape and jointing, decorating and joinery services to create a bright, airy office. We helped transform this space to create a positive and welcoming environment that our client’s employees can be proud of. A high-quality, decorated environment can encourage and inspire people to develop further within their job roles.

Pure brilliant white walls

Modern corporate office with white walls

Pure brilliant white was selected for the walls to create light and add to the spacious feel of the building. 

A light, airy workplace can significantly improve staff productivity. Good lighting reduces eye strain and fatigue, leading to increased concentration. A well-lit workspace can also positively affect employee morale and mood, creating a more pleasant environment where staff are more engaged and committed to their work.

Avocado hygienic splashback

Corporate office kitchen

A modern kitchen area was installed with avocado hygienic splashback, selected to compliment the darker-coloured units. 

A kitchen area might not be high on some people’s priority list when redecorating an office space. However, a modern kitchen can have significant benefits. The kitchen is where staff can take a break from their screens and the stress of their workload. A modern kitchen can also motivate staff to pack a lunch rather than grab it outside the office. This is excellent news for your employees' wallets and can promote healthy eating. 

Central steel staircase

Corporate office staircase

A steel central staircase was installed, complete with glass panelling and an oak handrail. 

The combination of steel and an oak handrail creates a very sleek and modern appearance. The use of glass panelling creates an open and spacious look, which is coherent with the rest of the office. Steel is a great material to use for stairs as it is both durable and safe. 

Office breakout area

Service: Tape and jointing

Tape and jointing is a method of finishing drywall installations to ensure that your walls and ceilings have a smooth and perfect finish. 

This technique involves covering the joints between drywall panels with a layer of joint compound before embedding paper or mesh tape into the compound. This creates a seamless finish between panels, strengthens the joints and prevents the formation of cracks over time. 

Hiring a trained professional to carry out a tape and jointing service ensures a professional and durable finish. If done incorrectly, tape and jointing can result in noticeable seams, cracks and other imperfections, which can devalue the overall appearance of a space. Inadequate tape and jointing can also negatively affect the structural integrity of the drywall.

Hiring a professional to carry out a tape and jointing service allows you to achieve a seamless and long-lasting finish.

Service: Decorating 

Painting and decorating can completely transform a space. Professional decorators can advise on both practical and aesthetic aspects to guarantee the best outcome at the end of your project. 

A professional decorating company can complete jobs of any scale quickly and efficiently by utilising a team of trained decorators for your project. Combining speed and efficiency with a competent, skilled team means you do not compromise on quality. 

Professional decorators will also provide you with an itemised quote and a clear time frame to complete their work. This is great if you are a business owner decorating your office because you can avoid surprise costs and delays. A clear time frame means you can plan thoroughly how your work will continue whilst the office is being decorated so you can plan for any disruption. You will also know precisely when business will return to running as usual.

Service: Joinery 

High-quality joinery can make a real difference to your business. Joinery usually includes fixtures and fittings such as stairs, window frames, and doors. Skilled craftsmen create durable, visually appealing structures that enhance a property’s overall appearance and value. 

Professional joiners can create customised fittings to suit your property, and unlike cheaper, mass-produced alternatives, professional joinery can be expected to last for many years. The long-lasting and bespoke nature of professional joinery makes this a worthwhile investment for years to come.

Joinery can improve the energy efficiency of your business. Bespoke windows and doors are designed to keep your property well-insulated and well-sealed. This can reduce your energy costs whilst simultaneously improving the overall comfort of your office.


Open plan corporate office

Choose Intertech Contracts for your commercial decorating projects

Professional painters and decorators work in a variety of areas within the commercial sector, ranging all the way from small single-office refurbs to multi-storey multi-functional premises.  Commercial painting contractors understand the importance of delivering the perfect finish. 

Intertech Contacts is a Commercial Painting and Decorating service with over 30 years of experience providing first-class workmanship. 

We are accredited by CHAS and Constructionline. Our staff are City & Guilds or NVQ level as a minimum and have a CSCS card. This means as well as guaranteeing top-quality work, we can also ensure safety. 

Our team are based in Hull, but we work nationwide. If you would like to start a new project, get in touch with our friendly team to discuss requirements and receive an itemised quote.

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