Residential vs Commercial Decorating Contractors

Residential vs Commercial Decorating Contractors


Differences Between Commercial Contractors And Residential Decorators

When decorating a commercial property, there is not always the luxury of painting before the building is in use, making employees, inventory and customers occupying the space an added consideration for time, protection, and quality of finish. Contractors need to have extra measures to ensure their work remains untouched when wet and that belongings and furniture are not damaged in the decorating process.

Decorating a home has similar difficulties, in that there is more often people living in the space during the time of decorating. However, decorating a residential property is often much faster than a large commercial property and belongings are covered liberally to protect them from decorating if the space is occupied.


The Difference In Size Of The Project Between Commercial And Residential Decorating

Residential projects include homes of varying styles of living spaces and can consist of the interior, exterior, or only one or the other. This makes the project limited to a relatively standard size of a typical home. However, commercial buildings can go from retail stores to apartment complexes, large office spaces, industrial facilities, and even airports or shopping centres. This means a much longer completion time for the project, but the size is factored into project planning, where the team of commercial contractors will need to stick to a specific schedule to meet deadlines.


Residential And Commercial Decorators Require A Different Number Of Painters

More significant commercial buildings require more painters to cover the area of the building and meet deadlines. As a result, commercial painting companies employ more people so that they can finish commercial painting projects on time. On the other hand, residential paint projects are smaller in scope and thus do not require many on-site painters.


Commercial And Residential Contractors Require Different Materials And Equipment

As residential painters are focused on decorating smaller residential properties, the materials and equipment they need are not dissimilar to what you would purchase for yourself if you were to carry out the work as a DIY project. Similarly, specific colours for your home may only be available at store price or potentially be more expensive due to the small amount they are available.

In contrast, commercial painters need more training and experience to work with the more complex equipment available to them to maintain a quality finish on a large and quick scale. These can include pressure washers, sandblasters, paint sprayers, scaffolding and even aerial lifts and they can be working materials such as wood, metal, concrete, marble, plastic and more. Each of these materials has a different specification, technique and type of paint that is needed for them. With so much variety available on any job, commercial contractors need the knowledge and expertise to use retail and industry-grade paints, primers, tints and more. Thankfully though, commercial contractors already know what they need, so there is no need to worry about it, and they often get these materials in bulk, making them available for cheaper.


Commercial Contractors Provide Different Services To Residential Decorators

Commercial contractors need to offer additional services, such as industrial painting and coating, special surface preparation, metalizing, epoxy coatings, sandblasting, and other services not usually provided by residential decorators. In contrast, residential services are more likely to involve the removal of popcorn ceilings, removal of wallpaper or outdoor paintwork.

Many painting contractors offer one or the other type of service, so you should not approach a residential company and expect them to paint an office complex. It is essential to research which company best serves your needs based on reputation, past work, and quality of their finish. Intertech Contracts specialises in commercial painting and would be an ideal candidate for working on your commercial project. Contact us today to begin your project at 01482 222498.

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