Quality Control

Quality Control

We establised our Quality Managment System (QMS) in 2018, the system was designed to reflect the way that we already worked. However, we also made it compliant with the requirements of ISO 9001 certification. 

How we use ISO 9001 certification? 

We use ISO 9001 certification to control the processes we use to develop the services we offer our clients. Client satisfaction is at the forefront of our agenda and over the years we have intergrated this into our QMS to ensure the service we offer is second to none. 


As part of the accreditation process we must ensure we carry out internal audits on all our systems, this is done at each quarter throughout the year. In addition to this we are also audited by an an external verifier annualy, this ensures we are maintaining what is required to meet the standard. 

How does ISO 9001 certification benefit our clients? 

Quite simply, the certification means our company has underogone a rigorous auditing process to ensure we offer the best service possible. Our clients can be rest assured that our systems have been reviewed independently and that are we constantly striving to improve on the exacting standards that we set oursleves. 

Is ISO 9001 certification worth the effort? 

To our clients? Without a doubt. Each service we offer is of a high standard and fully traceable. Furthermore, we have a record of eveything we do and have already completed. 

For Intertech? Yes again. The rigour of a periodic external audit causes us to keep our systems up-to-date and maintain the levels of performance that might otherwise become comfortable and degrade overtime. 



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