Mastering Colour for your Business

Mastering Colour for your Business

Mastering Colour for your Business

Whether you choose to employ a professional contractor to decorate your business space or you fancy trying it out for yourself, you should know some fundamentals of colour. Become a master of creating vibrant colour schemes that complement each other and naturally add life to your office space.

Intertech has been a trusted professional painting and decorating contractor throughout the UK for years, with tried and tested techniques, methods and specialisms that deliver a high-quality finish. Our understanding of colour and what will serve your business best are next to none, with guarantees of invigorating business space renovation.

Familiarise yourself with the colour wheel

Colours all have a relationship with each other. These relationships hold different meanings, complement each other differently, and even make us feel differently. The colour wheel allows us to easily and quickly examine these relationships, where they lie and which colours create a balance. For example, when decorating a space where people work, it is essential to consider how your chosen colour schemes can affect people’s feelings and behaviours. For example, some colours are proven to promote productivity and calm!

Know your primary colours

Primary colours are what we identify as red, yellow and blue. You cannot recreate these colours. You cannot mix other colours to get these colours, making them known as pure colours. However, you can combine these colours to create a vast range of shades and tones; this variety of shades helps build up the perfect colour scheme.

Monochromatic Scheme

Many think that monochromatic refers to black and white, but it is more than that. Monochrome is the use of any colour but sticking to it. This may sound relatively simple, but it can be challenging to dedicate an entire room to just one colour without it appearing boring, dull or flat.

You may be focusing on one hue. But you can always vary the tone, shade, and hint of the colour. In addition, we would recommend introducing a variety of textures and patterns to break up the monotony of one colour. These small elements will help build a diverse and exciting environment that creates a visual statement and, most importantly, is memorable and accurately represents your brand.

Complementary Scheme

When looking at your brand colours, experiment with the shades and tones which resonate with you. Now that you picked one tone, look directly across the colour; this is a complementary scheme. Red and green, blue and orange, yellow and violet are all basic combinations of a complementary technique. Now, we involve different shades and variations; we can use these unlimited colours to plan out the colours of complementary features such as furniture.

As you are decorating a space, ratios of colour become essential. It can be easy to be reserved and not put enough of your statement colour into the room. This creates a disorganised, messy, and disjointed appearance. You never want two colours of equal density in the room either. This can be confusing, and our brains do not know where the importance or emphasis should lie.

Suppose you are interested in finding more schemes and inspiration for your business office or commercial space. In that case, Intertech is available to offer advice and professional services. You can contact us to start your painting and decorating project today.

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