Fire Door Safety

Intertech Contracts UK Ltd is fully accredited under the BM TRADA Q-Mark scheme for fire door installation and maintenance. Third-party certification of the installation and maintenance of fire doors gives our clients, building owners and the responsible person confidence that the integrity of the fire compartment lines is being maintained, with documented evidence to demonstrate this.

Fire Door Safety


Fire Door Installation Services

Who Are Intertech Contracts?

We are a leading installer for fire doors. Intertech Contracts put health and safety first with full training and certification for installing commercial fire doors. In addition, we are a fully certified contractor of multiple decorating services and aim to provide a seamless, value-added, and cost-effective decorating service to your commercial space.

What is Fire Door Installation?

Fire doors play a crucial part in preventing the spread of fire smoke and protecting escape routes from the premises. Therefore, their correct installation and maintenance are paramount to the safety of those who use the building.

Why is Fire Door Installation Important?

Fire door installation on commercial premises is imperative to the safety of those who use the building. Fire door installation must be carried about by certified and trained professionals like Intertech Contracts or will risk insurance issues and the safety of those who use the building, such as staff, customers, and guests. A correctly installed fire door can prevent the spread of fire in a building, seal off smoke, lessen the effects of monoxide poisoning suffocation, and keep vision clear.

What Products Are Used in Fire Door Installation?

Intertech Contracts only use certified fire doors, materials, and products to install fire safety doors and equipment to your commercial property.

What Industries Benefit From Fire Door Installation

All industries benefit from the installation of a fire door. For example, fire door installation in a restaurant can help keep staff safe in the event of a kitchen fire, or a fire door installed in an office will help prevent the spread of flames and control the direction of fire and smoke.

Why Use Intertech Contracts?

Use Intertech Contracts for a complete refit decorating service that includes installing health and safety elements such as fire doors. Our company can offer both single service fire door installation or as part of a broader service that gives you the greatest time efficiency and value.

How Does Having a Fire Door Installed Support The Environment?

Fire door installation supports the environment in helping prevent the growth of fires and the progression of smoke, including dangerous gases such as carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. Our fire doors are fully certified and made from only the highest quality materials to ensure the safety of those occupying the building in the event of a fire.

About our fire door installers

Intertech Contracts UK Ltd is fully accredited under the BM TRADA Q-MARK scheme for fire door installation and fire door maintenance. Third-party certification of the installation and maintenance of fire doors gives our clients, building owners, and the responsible person confidence that the integrity of the fire compartments lines is being maintained with documented evidence to demonstrate this. 

The Fire Door Installation Process

We can offer our clients a complete fire door installation and ongoing maintenance service. Our trained technicians can: 

  • Install approved fire doors manufactured by others and certify the installation 
  • Inspect existing structures and report on compliance with certification standards

A complete fire door inspection and survey undertaken by Intertech Contracts UK Ltd (BM Trada qualified inspector) will ensure that your current fire doors are meeting current British Standards and the requirements of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (RRFSO)

Our 'Fire Door Survey' includes a comprehensive inspection of the following parts: 

  • Door leaf - overall condition, edge condition, leaf thickness, and door gaps 
  • Door frame - overall condition, materials, fixing, and installation 
  • Seals - overall shape, size, and fitted correctly 
  • Hardware - hinge condition and operation, lock/latch operation, and door closer 
  • Glazing - overall condition, glass type, and appropriate signage

Following the fire door inspection survey, you will be provided with a full report identifying the issues that may prevent the door set from meeting the declared period of fire resistance. If required, our fully qualified maintenance team is on hand to carry out improvement works to the highest standards. 

Areas We Cover

Intertech Contracts is a premium contractor and services the whole of the UK but is based in Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire. As a highly skilled team of specialist individuals, we have worked on a wide range of clients providing various services such as painting and decorating dry lining, tape and jointing, joinery, and fire door safety services. 

We provide several services, including:

Get in Touch To Arrange Your Fire Door Installation Quote

If you have any requirements for either fire door installation or maintenance of fire doors, we would be happy to discuss your requirements. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us through our website link or directly by emailing Wayne Tompkins at [email protected] or on 01482 222498

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