Why Commercial Premises Need Professional Decorators

Why Commercial Premises Need Professional Decorators

Every business needs a commercial base that does it justice. Whether it’s fresh white walls or splashes of colour that complement your brand, the visual appearance of your offices has an immediate impact on visitors and also influences staff morale.

A bit of DIY usually won’t suffice when it comes to commercial decorating, which is why having an accomplished painting and decorating company on board will bring a strong return on investment for many years to come.

Intertech Contracts works with business of all shapes and sizes across the UK, bringing the following benefits to every project.


Planning and preparation

Any painting and decorating specialist will tell you that you can’t just pop the lid off a tin of paint and get stuck in. For the job to be done to a very high standard, it first requires planning and preparation.

The areas must be properly prepared, which may involve thoroughly removing wallpaper, old paint and wall decals, as well as assessing whether any repair work is required. Failure to do this is very likely to result in paint being applied to woodwork and walls that need some TLC, which is a waste of time and money.

Sometimes there will also be cracks, dips and bumps on the walls, in which case dry lining will be required to ensure a flawlessly smooth finish.


Expertise and compliance

Health and safety is at the heart of every business, so it needs to be applied to painting and decorating projects too. Breathing new life into commercial premises can be a demanding process, especially when there are multiple rooms, staircases and high ceilings involved. That’s why the painting and decorating contractor needs to be fully insured and capable of delivering the job safely from start to finish.


Outstanding workmanship

Needless to say, you want the job doing well and to your exact brief, which is why choosing a reliable painting and decorating company with plenty of experience will always pay off.

By investing in quality, you will always receive quality in return, which means that your commercial premises will look absolutely amazing through and through.


Speed and accuracy

As well as wanting the job to be done properly, you also need it to fit your schedule. Having commercial premises painted and decorated can be disruptive, especially if the walls are being upgraded with dry lining, so the company you choose has to be committed to finishing the work on time.

A reputable painting and decorating contractor will always listen to your needs, explain how long the project will take and then stick to their word. Just as crucially, they won’t compromise on quality, consistency or customer service in order to speed things up.


The very best painting and decorating

From a small office or commercial unit to industrial sites and new build property developments, Intertech Contracts can deliver premium painting and decorating for an affordable price. To get started, call us on 01482 222498 or email [email protected].

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