Protect Your Employees With Fire Door Safety

Protect Your Employees With Fire Door Safety

Health and safety is a vast area of workplace compliance, as it covers everything from First Aid and risk assessments to the avoiding of slips, trips and falls. However, one of the most crucial components of workplace health and safety is preventing fires and knowing what to do if one starts on your premises.

Whilst fire extinguishers are of course essential, fire doors play a core role in containing blazes and helping staff to exit the building safely. If you’re looking for fire door safety solutions, Intertech Contracts is fully accredited under the BM TRADA Q-Mark scheme for fire door installation and fire door maintenance. 


How do fire doors work?

Fire doors are cleverly designed, as their structures are fitted with intumescent strips that automatically expand when they reach a certain temperature. This causes the strip to seal the gap between the door and the frame, which stops smoke from entering additional spaces. Meanwhile, a fire door’s thick and dense structure holds back fire more than a regular door.


Why are fire doors so important?

Fire doors should be installed in suitable locations throughout your offices, commercial unit or industrial site. Below are five key reasons why your business needs modern and reliable fire doors:

  • Fire doors don’t just prevent the spread of just fire, as they also stop smoke from filling every space. This increases visibility on stairwells and throughout the fire evacuation route, helping staff and visitors to vacate the premises quickly and safely.
  • By retaining the fire as much as possible, fire doors help to prevent key areas of your site from being engulfed in flame. This could result in rooms that contain expensive equipment from being irrevocably damaged.
  • Having high-quality fire doors in your commercial premises can help to minimise the cost of your business insurance.
  • When the firefighters arrive, fire doors help them to do their job more efficiently by reducing the time it takes to extinguish the flames.
  • Most importantly of all, fire doors save lives by keeping fires from spreading at an alarming rate.


Qualified fire door safety service

If you require fire door installation, Intertech Contracts is ready to carry out a site survey, determine where they should be placed, and fit them quickly and affordably. Our fire safety experts can also provide ongoing maintenance, which includes regular inspections to ensure that your fire doors remain safe and effective.

By booking regular inspections, you also gain the peace of mind that your fire doors are compliant with British Standards and the requirements of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (RRFSO). Each inspection is followed up with a detailed report that either gives the thumbs up or outlines any issues, which is complemented by a competitive quote for repairs.


Get in touch

Whether it’s installations, inspections or maintenance, Intertech Contracts is here to deliver a first-rate fire door safety service. To find out more, contact Wayne Tompkins at [email protected] or call 01482 222498.

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