Professional Painting and Decorating for Commercial Premises

Professional Painting and Decorating for Commercial Premises

If your commercial premises are looking a bit old and faded, it’s time to hire a professional commercial painting and decorating company to get them looking good as new. This is also an opportunity to upgrade the look and feel of your surroundings, as hiring Intertech Contracts gives you the freedom to choose new styles to suit your needs and represent your brand.


Preparation makes all the difference

When you hire a skilled painting and decorating contractor, you’re investing in absolute quality from start to finish. Before any work begins, the area should be properly prepared to allow the project to be clearly planned out. For instance, the team will assess each working environment to determine whether any repair work needs doing before decorating commences.

The last thing you want is for a wall to be painted, only to then realise that there are nicks and scratches that should have been smoothed out beforehand. The same goes for any skirting boards and other features, as making sure that everything is in top condition from the start will always pay off.


Customise your workspace

By hiring a professional painting and decorating company, you know that the end result will meet and perhaps even exceed your expectations. This means that you can be as creative as you like with your décor, allowing greater freedom when it comes to the colours and designs.

For instance, some businesses like bright white walls, as they maximise natural light and make offices feel larger. However, many companies enjoy unleashing their imaginations by choosing colour schemes that really bring the place to life. It could be anything from deep, rich shades to soft and breezy pastels, or you could take on an exciting new visual identity through a range of interesting wallpapers.


100% precision guaranteed

Your commercial premises are a busy place, so you need to know that all work will be completed to the highest standard. Just as crucially, it must be done quickly and with as little disruption to workflow as possible.

The painting and decorating specialists at Intertech Contracts have delivered countless commercial renovation projects for businesses of all shapes and sizes. No matter how bustling your offices may be, our friendly team respects your workplace and carries out all of the work with minimal disturbance to your employees. In the process, our commitment to 100% precision guarantees that the end result will look absolutely amazing.


Speed is also crucial

There’s nothing worse than a refurbishment project taking longer than planned. When this happens, it can cause all kinds of delays to your service delivery and be very stressful for staff, not to mention pose unnecessary risks to health and safety due to equipment being left around for a prolonged period.

That’s why Intertech Contracts is also dedicated to meeting deadlines, so we’ll always keep you in the loop and finish the project on time. In the event that something unexpected pops up that will slow down the process, we’ll let you know right away and offer a practical solution.


Find out more

We’re here to answer all of your questions and provide immaculate painting and decorating. Simply call us on 01482 222498 or email [email protected] and let us know what kind of office refurbishment project you have in mind for your commercial premises. 

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