Painting your business – the benefits of commercial decorators

Painting your business – the benefits of commercial decorators

You take pride in your business, right? You've invested time and money into building your business, so looking after your premises stands to reason. You want your company always to look its best.

There are many commercial decorating companies, like Intertech Contracts, who are available with the skills you need to keep your business looking great. But why should you employ a professional commercial decorating contractor rather than do the job yourself? Wouldn't that save you money? Not necessarily.

Let's look at why you should keep your business premises looking presentable and consider a professional painter and decorator to take on the job.


First impressions matter

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. So when anyone visits your business, whether they be a visitor, contractor or potential client, they will be making an immediate assessment of you and your business. To make sure that their immediate impression is positive, you need to ensure that your buildings always look presentable.

Creating an impressive environment for your company is an excellent way of staying ahead of your competition. Make sure that your business stands out in a competitive marketplace with a design that is innovative and clean. If your potential clients are impressed by your space, this will go a long way to improving your chances of winning new business or influencing a new sale.


Elevate your brand

Your brand identity is important to your business and is yet another way to differentiate yourself from your competition. By using inventive design ideas, you can incorporate your company colours and brand identity into your interior and exterior design.  

Professional painters and decorators can really make the most of your brand and push your company ethos for everyone to see.


Increase staff engagement

Having a well-designed space can influence the mood of the people within it and can directly impact employee morale and productivity. It is widely known that specific colours can affect people's attitudes and approaches.

Considering these points can massively improve your business's atmosphere and create a positive working environment for your staff. It also helps your team build a sense of company pride. By helping to improve the productivity of your employees also has the added advantage of increasing your company's profits.

Hard-wearing investment

Maintaining your property is about more than just about making it look good. You can improve the durability of your premises by looking after the decoration.

By getting the professionals in to take on your painting and decorating, you can be assured that the finish will last for years. A professional contractor will also ensure that the space is prepared correctly, which can result in reducing the need for repairs. With a professional finish, you'll be assured that you will not need to consider decorating again for a longer period which will cut down on your ongoing running costs.


More time for your business

Decorating your business premises is a time-consuming affair. You have to make sure that you have everything you need and prepare the space before you even start to get any paint on the wall. That is all time that takes you away from running your business. Employing a professional decorator means you can concentrate on the day-to-day tasks that are essential to keeping your business going.

With a commercial contractor, you can be assured that the job will be done right the first time and will be longer lasting, meaning you don't have to do it so often, which is a much better use of your time.


The right tools for the job

Getting a clean and precise finish is dependent on having the right tools for the job. Commercial decorators have all the right equipment available to give you the perfect appearance that you are looking for.

If you take on the task yourself, you'd have to go out and buy all the necessary equipment, and you'd probably find that you wouldn't use it again. Professional painters and decorators also understand how much material they'll need for a job which cuts down on waste. With this in mind, a commercial decorator is a much more cost-effective option.

All the know-how

Commercial decorators have all the industry knowledge to give you an excellent finish. They will have worked within many sectors and understand what benefits each industry, so they can make recommendations to get the most out of your space and elevate your designs.

Professional painters and decorators understand how specific colour schemes can influence people within them. Whether you want to guide the buying decisions of customers in a retail space or create a motivational space for office staff, a commercial decorator can help advise on what designs can create the effect that you are looking for.


Cleaning up

Finally, the worst part of any job is cleaning up afterwards. Cleaning brushes and rollers and removing dust sheets takes time. Leave it to us. We'll leave everything looking spick and span so you can enjoy your newly decorated space.


Professional Painting and Decorating in Hull and East Yorkshire

Employing a professional decorating contractor can save you time and money in the long run. Intertech Contracts are trusted commercial decorating experts who can add value to your business with a high-quality service.

We'll provide a comprehensive service to make your business premises look its very best to impress your clients and motivate your staff.

Get in touch with our friendly team today for a full quotation.


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