Painting and Decorating for Landlords

Painting and Decorating for Landlords

If you’re a landlord, you need an experienced, trustworthy and highly capable painter and decorator on your side. Whether you’ve just purchased your first house to rent out or have an impressive property portfolio to your name, we’re here to help you increase its profitability through fantastic painting and decorating services.


Make your property stand out

It can actually be pretty hard work keeping a property occupied. The trick is to land your ideal tenants right from the start, which is achieved through attractive living environments that stand out from the other property listings.

Whether you like the idea of bright white walls that maximise natural light, more colourful shades that add character or wallpaper that really pops, we can make it happen quickly and affordably.


Increase your rental value

Some factors are a legal requirement when renting out a property, such as a boiler that’s been approved by a Gas Safe engineer and an electrical system that’s up to scratch. Then there are the key selling points, like a nice kitchen and a garden that isn’t overrun with weeds. A parking space, proximity to local shops and other perks are also extremely popular.

At the bottom of many landlords’ lists is the standard of the paint job on the walls, yet this is what immediately grabs a potential tenant’s attention. Fresh paint and high-quality wallpapering by a professional decorator instantly breathes new life into a home and makes it far more appealing. Aside from making the letting stage an easier process, this can also help you to increase your rental price and maximise your monthly profit margins.


Are your walls damaged?

Rental properties can often fall victim to accidents and general neglect, leading to dints, scratches and other damage to the walls. These should really be rectified before putting the property back on the rental market, which is where Intertech’s dry lining service comes in very handy.

Rather than plastering, which can take days or even weeks to set, dry lining involves the attaching of plasterboards to the walls. We then carry out tape and jointing to achieve a seamless finish, ready for decorating any way you wish.


We’re professional joiners too

Whilst we’re painting and decorating your rental property, we can also provide our top-notch joinery service. Whether it’s creaky floorboards, unstable staircases, old internal doors or wooden fittings that have seen better days, we can replace them for a very affordable price.

As well as ensuring that the property is safe for the next occupant, our expert joinery service can also add extra character and warmth to the surroundings. Take this as an opportunity to give your rental property genuine wow factor that attracts the very best tenants around.


Transform your rental properties

We’re here to make your rental properties look amazing whilst meeting all health and safety standards. In the process, you may even be able to increase the amount of rent you charge, not to mention the overall property value. To find out more about dry lining, joinery, painting and decorating, get in touch with Intertech Contracts on 01482 222498 or email [email protected].

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