Natural Light Will Transform Your Workplace

Natural Light Will Transform Your Workplace

We help businesses of all shapes and sizes to transform their working environments through exceptional painting and decorating. This includes helping you to choose the right look and feel, with natural light playing a key role.

When you enter an office, natural light is one of the first things that you notice. It quite literally brightens up a workspace and it’s amazing how much even low levels of natural light on a cloudy day can make a difference to your commercial premises.


The benefits of natural light

As well as making offices, retail spaces and industrial units look more appealing, natural light supports the health and wellbeing of your staff.

  • Improved mood: Natural light lifts spirits in general and can also ward off seasonal depression. This is due to it encouraging the release of serotonin and endorphins, which keep us positive, happy and productive.
  • Vitamin D boost: An essential nutrient for the body that protects bones, studies show that vitamin D can also reduce the risk of heart disease and prevent weight gain.
  • A better night’s sleep: Scientific research has proved that the more natural light you’re exposed to, the more likely you are to sleep soundly at night. This helps us to arrive at work each day full of beans and raring to go.
  • A healthier life: There are many other positive effects that natural light has on our bodies, including better digestion, improved circulation, an increase in red blood cell production, a stronger immune system, and higher energy levels throughout the day.


A more energy-efficient workplace

Decorating your workplace in a way that encourages the dispersal of natural light means a noticeably reduced need for artificial lighting. Alongside the reduction of your company’s carbon footprint, you’ll also see your utility bills drop thanks to using less energy on a daily basis.


We’ll help you to maximise natural light

Intertech Contracts UK can help you to increase the amount of natural light in your workplace through tape and jointing, dry lining and painting and decorating.

Clean and smooth walls freshen up the workplace, especially when they’re combined with light colours. White is the most reflective colour, which results in natural light bouncing off the walls and filling your commercial premises more effectively. However, lighter shades such as pastels do the job almost as well, plus they offer you the opportunity to give your working environment more depth and character.


Upgrade your workplace

Intertech Contracts UK is ready to help, whether it’s just a few improvements here and there or a comprehensive revamp of your offices, meeting rooms and customer-facing spaces. We work with businesses across the UK and deliver an outstanding level of workmanship in everything we do, so tell us what you have in mind and we’ll make sure to exceed your expectations.


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From a single room in your office to the upgrading of multiple commercial sites, call us on 01482 222498 or email [email protected] for first-rate painting and decorating.

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