Good Design and Workforce Wellbeing

Good Design and Workforce Wellbeing

Office Layout

Open-plan offices are a popular modern favourite amongst large corporations with a lot of staff members. However, it can become noisy whilst this increases the chances of collaboration amongst staff. These spaces are also often whitewashed and can quickly start to look messy from the lack of storage facilities and the stark white contrast against belongings. There must be space for quiet and concentration. It should not be overlooked the effect of supplying personal storage facilities so that staff have a grounding environment to feel comfortable. We recommend integrating colour splashing to break up the stark monochrome, not only will this liven up the environment, but will also set you apart from other companies. Provide a variety of spaces that break up a large open plan office, inclusive of quiet work areas for concentration. The use of colour and design can be a great way to seamlessly integrate these elements and not disrupt the flow of the room.

Office Furniture

Many offices will have modern-looking furniture that looks very trendy, but, is very uncomfortable to use and as a result, that space will never be worked in. Office furniture needs to be flexible and ergonomic to look after the health of employees first and foremost. However, for furniture that is not used for long periods throughout the day, interesting colours and fabrics can be used to liven up the space and complement the décor. A staple chair in a vibrant colour that matches a statement wall could become your company's signature branding space.

Lighting and Temperature

Both lighting and temperature have significant impacts on office workers wellbeing, physical and psychologically. It is also quite a minefield to try and have the right fit for everyone in a large open plan room. Poor lighting can result in fatigue and discomfort and even contribute to eye strain. Whereas the ideal office temperature must be obtained to keep everyone happy and comfortable, as it can affect performance and motivation. Light levels should be adjustable where possible, installing a fitting that can be manually adjusted for each area of the room and a thermostat to keep the room at a consistent temperature.

Employee Control over the Work Environment

To give employees the perception of control over their environment, it is important to include them early in the design process of the office space. This will increase the likelihood of buying into the process of change and is a good opportunity to get ideas that are at the forefront of their minds. Your staff are already aware of the issues they face regularly and are the best people to ask when looking to make improvements.

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