Fire Doors, What They Are & Why You Need Them

Fire Doors, What They Are & Why You Need Them

Fire Doors, What They Are & Why You Need Them

What are fire doors, and how do they work?

Fire doors are a vital line of defence in protecting your home from a fire. They are designed to keep the fire contained in one area.

A fire door is a door specially designed for use in buildings with a high risk of fire or where there is a risk of explosion. It will have been rated to resist the spread of fire and smoke.

Fire doors can be made from steel, aluminium, timber or other materials. They will be fitted with a self-closing device to prevent them from being left open or opening during a fire.


What are the benefits of installing a Fire Door?

Fire doors installation is used to stop the spread of fire and smoke. It is an essential part of a building’s fire safety system. There are many benefits of installing a fire door, such as:

  • Stopping the spread of fire and smoke.
  • Preventing the escape of gases from inside the building.
  • Preventing sparks from outside entering into the building.
  • Preventing unwanted people from entering the building.
  • Reducing sound transmission.


Why Do I Need a Fire Door?

Fire doors are essential because they can save your life and the lives of those around you. The importance of having doors that meet specific criteria cannot be overstated.

They are also often required by law and must follow specific rules and regulations.


Fire Doors Regulations in England

Fire doors are required by law in England for all new residential buildings. The regulations set out by the Building Regulations 2010 state that fire doors must be able to resist the passage of flames for at least 30 minutes.

The regulations also require that all fire doors be self-closing self-latching and open outwards if possible.


Consider Intertech Contracts as your local fire door installation experts

Hire a member of your local community when you are looking for fire door contractors. There are many benefits for supporting local businesses, and Intertech Contracts will uphold those benefits. We can provide excellent service in the local and surrounding areas. Intertech Contracts maintains excellent relationships with our past customers and is always available to offer advice and consultations.

Contact us today to cover your next project at 01482 222498.


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