Commercial Fire Doors Save Lives

Commercial Fire Doors Save Lives

Ensuring that staff, clients and any other visitors to your commercial premises remain safe and protected is of the utmost importance. This covers multiple factors, from preventing trip hazards to always having a fully stocked first aid box, but one of the most crucial is the inclusion of reliable fire doors.

Fire doors are a safeguard that deliver two vital functions, in that they create a barrier that stops fire and smoke from spreading, as well as stopping escape routes from becoming inaccessible.


How do fire doors work?

The composition of a fire door includes intumescent strips. These react to heat by expanding, which then seals the gap between the door and its frame. As a result, smoke is prevented from infiltrating further into the premises and the spread of fire is also slowed down considerably.

By containing the smoke and fire as much as possible, fire doors also help to keep visibility and accessibility rates as high as possible, allowing people to exit the property more easily.


Less damage to your premises

Due to fire doors holding back the smoke and flames, fewer areas of your commercial property will be affected. This can significantly reduce the amount of damage caused to furniture, equipment, inventory and the infrastructure of the building itself. Meanwhile, the inclusion of fire doors helps to keep insurance premiums low.


Your people are the priority

It’s great to know that your company’s surroundings and contents are less likely to be damaged when you have fire doors in place, but the most important benefit is the protection of lives. Fire itself is of course lethal, but what many forget is that the combination of smoke and panic can lead to all kinds of other accidents.

From respiratory problems such as asthma attacks, to staff tripping and falling due to poor visibility, a wide variety of terrible situations can be prevented by fire doors. Thanks to the fire and smoke being contained, your staff can vacate the premises and reach the assembly point more easily.


Faster firefighting

Whilst the suppression of smoke and fire is extremely important, fire doors also help firefighters to extinguish the blaze more quickly and effectively thanks to it being contained within certain areas. Though firefighting is never a safe job, fire doors reduce the level of danger that these brave heroes have to tackle.


Intertech Contracts can help

The specialists here at Intertech Contracts are fully accredited under the BM TRADA Q-Mark scheme for fire door installation. We can install new fire doors across your site and also provide ongoing maintenance, including regular inspections to ensure conformity with British Standards.

Our experts can also carry out inspections on existing fire doors to determine whether they meet the stipulations of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (RRFSO). A detailed report will then either give you reassurance or highlight what needs to be replaced to achieve total safety and compliance.


Be fire safe

From a small office to multiple industrial sites, we can equip your business with exceptional fire door safety solutions. To get started, call us on 01482 222498 or email [email protected].

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